Calling all our U11s! Do you want to perform at your full potential and move like a champion? Through Athletics 365, we believe you will develop the skills and confidence to excel both in athletics and in other sports. Try it! Athletics 365 is an England Athletics initiative that focuses not only on how fast someone runs or how far someone jumps or throws but also, more importantly, on giving the technical skills ('how' to run, jump and throw) to let them perform at full potential and move like a champion.

Our Athletics 365 experience covers 20 areas of athletics and is offered to our young members every Tuesday and Thursday (5.30-6.15 pm) at Mill Lane Track. Each session provides athletes with new and progressively more difficult challenges and reinforces the importance of a good all round skill base. We hope our U11s will both support and benefit from this strategy. If parents are committed to Indoor training on Tuesday, we are happy for them to attend just the Thursday 365 session at Mill Lane Track. As our timetable below shows there are field event opportunities that aspiring athletes should not miss!

Through Athletics 365, we believe young people will develop the skills and confidence to excel not only in athletics, but in other sports and other life pursuits. Try Athletics 365 to develop the skills and confidence to excel in athletics. TAKE UP OUR 365 CHALLENGE!

Got a question? Email Jeff Manson and James Vancliff, Holland Sports AC's Athletics 365 Champions.

Athletics 365 Timetable April-June 2018

Static Balance for Strong Stable Core Tuesday 17 April
Static Balance - Seated balance Thursday 19 April
Static Balance & Postural Control -
Single and Double leg standing
Tuesday 24 April
Dynamic Balance with Upper Limb Coordination Thursday 26 April
Coordination and dynamic balance (jumps) Tuesday 1 May
Agility - Change of speed, direction, level or body shape Thursday 3 May
Agility - Reaction and response Tuesday 8 May
Agility - Pivoting & Rotation Thursday 10 May
Running Technique (Maximum Velocity Full Flight Running) Tuesday 15 May
Sprint start and Acceleration Thursday 17 May
Hurdles Tuesday 22 May
Endurance Running Thursday 24 May
Race Walking Tuesday 29 May
Long Jump Thursday 31 May
Triple Jump Tuesday 5 June
High Jump Thursday 7 June
Shot Putt and Chest Push Tuesday 12 June
Javelin Throw Thursday 14 June
Discus - Including soft discus, bean bag & quoit Tuesday 19 June
Hammer Thursday 21 June

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